Wine storing

Wine storing

Purchased or received as a gift, a bottle of wine should be stored in the best condition to maintain its quality for as long as possible: the ideal is of course an underground cellar, but it must have certain characteristics.

First of all, the temperature must be between 11 and 15 ° C (52 – 59 °F) and above all it should not change frequently.

After that, it is very important that the cellar has a humidity of about 70%.

It’s ‘important that the site dedicated to wine is not lit because the light accelerates wine oxidation.

The cellar should not contain other products, food and non food with their aromas that could affect the characteristics of wine.

Also, you should store your bottles in horizontal position so that the cork always remains in contact with wine in order to maintain its elasticity and thus prevent oxidation.

If you don’t own a cellar you can choose a wine storage cabinet where the temperature control will keep the bottles in perfect condition.